The dominator society exploits the common misconceptions about the role of humanity in the greater scheme of things in many ways. Humans get distracted from exploring their inner nature by the suggestion to trust in experts.

The idea of genetic determinism still informs many opinions about human nature, generations have been indoctrinated to accept a programmed second hand reality. Many people buy into the suggestion to a slave to genes, hormones and physics, seeking remedy for health problems with clever mechanics for the human machine.

Humans have two basic internal systems of reward, immediate and delayed. In early childhood, delayed gratification needs to be developed. Mature people usually have acquired the skill to decide upon immediate and delayed gratification in any given situation.

Classical conditioning utilises reward and punishment, both of which can be delayed or immediate in case of humans. It taps into what Buddhism calls the major cause for suffering, craving and aversion. Suffering, due to too much craving for material goods, fear of losing them and the aversion to many things seem like the predominant state of being for many people.

Not all the desires humans naturally display need to lead to suffering. Maslow described the hierarchy of needs, with food and shelter on the lowest rank. Happiness and acceptance also belong to the category of experiences humans naturally aspire to.

Many cultures determined the heart as primary, reliable decision maker, yet nowadays, distracted by the marvels of technology, believe in the primacy of the mind runs rampant. This makes it easier to control society simply by giving empty promises, especially about gratification for actions taken.

The concept of heaven and hell looks like the oldest meme influencing human behaviour on the basis of delayed gratification and punishment. From a modern perspective the emptiness of these promises becomes very apparent, as authentic accounts of this mystical realms simply don’t exist.

As the ‘after-life’ doesn’t fit too well into the scientific paradigms of the modern world, the promises of delayed gratification became more mundane. Annual increase in salary, holidays and pensions suggest ‘heaven’ on Earth, weekends, entertainment and drugs tap into the immediate gratification process.

As people spend most of their time in their minds, they lose their ability to distinguish between their own experience and vicarious experiences. While the promises given by the dominator society didn’t hold true for them, they heard the story of others often enough to believe in a genuinely fair system.

The attention given to the mind often distracts from the present moment. Humans can shift their awareness in amazing ways, yet it takes initiative or good examples to master one’s attention, and shift it to a useful space. Obsession with one’s own mind has become an epidemic within humanity, as one of the building blocks of slavery.

A mind disconnected from this universe can be afraid of anything. Living in fear, however, prevents rational thinking, and trains human beings to act in ways inconceivable from the position of a self-aware entity in an interdependent environment.

Societies flourish by cooperation, and disintegrate by a focus on competition. It will take some well experienced souls to provide enough examples and insights in the necessity for cooperation to stop the cataclysm for the human species.