Competition and cooperation

Every living being on this planet obviously¬†managed to survive, and deserves the name ‘winner’. According to the common paradigms surrounding evolution, this means the living entity successfully ‘competed’ against others to maintain the state of aliveness. But does that make much sense?

Even the simplest form of life, single-cell organisms, needs a cooperative environment much more than competitive elbows to fight off others. If the environment ‘competes’ with bacteria, ie becomes toxic for them, they can’t live at all. Only ‘cooperative’ environments support life.

While many people mistake ‘environment’ for the nice backdrop of¬†photos in exotic places, it usually contains more life than the person in the foreground of the photo. All plants and animals humans consume for food have been alive, not competing for an abstract imaginary universal food called money, but creating the self-sustaining support web of life.

Competition exists, although usually arising from opportunity, and not as a normal way of life. Especially mammals seem to spend more time on grooming each other than contesting their social ranking. Not even predator and prey compete with each other, yet create a dynamic balance which supports diversity around them.

Humanity acted often like ecological terrorists, deliberately upsetting the dynamic equilibrium of eco-systems they invaded. At least since the British Empire some people engage actively in geo-engineering the planet. The continents known as America, Africa, Asia and Australia had to cope with introduced species, transforming the eco-systems in unpredictable ways.

Pigs coming to America by boat with Christopher Colombo ‘competed’ with the native wildlife from one perspective, cooperated with it from another. The introduced ‘food’ source made life easier for the invader, the transformation of the eco-systems made life more difficult especially for more complex beings including humans.

The rise of the dominator society needs competition, and the firm believe in its primacy as survival tool. It acts as the screen to project the illusion of nations, religions and corporations on. A firm understanding of the value of cooperation obliterates nationalism, fundamentalism and materialism. The dominator society managed to create a system which bases on the competitive ‘struggle for survival’, as well as the implicit cooperation of the dispossessed.

Humanity has been indoctrinated with the ‘winner’ meme, and lack of imagination means only fight can make winning happen. Cooperation creates win-win situation, synergy, a whole system bigger than the sum of its parts. Each human can win out, without the need for losers. This attitude exists after the cataclysms, and on smaller scale throughout history in some groups. Common sense, decency and facts can easily dismantle the myth of scarcity as foundation of the current global economic system. Fear-based propaganda keeps it alive.

The current economic model made it literally to the top of the pyramid of economic systems, mainly by out-living its competition in a process of continuous violent pre-emptive self defence. It fails to provide access to the abundance of this planet for all members of the human family, and endangers the ability to sustain large numbers of human beings. The evolutionary tree of economic systems needs for branching to liberate the planet from domination and economic slavery.