We get born out of this world, into a system of madness. Like with any other living being on this planet, everything which existed before us contributes to our own existence. For a short time of our life, before we get talked into believing in our own, ‘independent’ being-ness, we experience this universal connectedness to all life.

We get trained to accept that the human world exists of those who have something, and those who have nothing. The cards of the game we’re forced to play have been dealt before our own birth, and it might take some time for each of us to find out that the game is rigged.

Imagine having played the human game hundreds of times before, exploring different locations in space-time, different societies and even different planetary systems. Imagine waking up from the illusion to be born ‘into’ this world, and having exactly a single life time to understand the game and play it well.

Welcome to my world.


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