How did I get here?

The members of the human race display some interesting characteristics. For some weird reason, they assume to be most intelligent life form in the entire universe, which causes a mixture of laughter and concern among other intelligent species in the universe.

Without even entertaining the idea that other species on their own planet might have a better glimpse what life is all about, humans went about to create systems of destruction endangering their own survival. Overall, members of the society calling themselves ‘civilised’ display a behaviour which from a cosmic perspective would be rather called self-harming.

Amazingly, humans have access to universal knowledge and truth, and individuals of all times did their best to popularise concepts which could have allowed entire societies to thrive in the abundance conscious species deserve. The memory of those societies which have reached a higher state of evolution as species has gone lost, and is widely disregarded as fantasy.

Coming from the arrogant perspective as best species in the universe, they developed a large amount of stories spreading fear about alien life, about other life forms on the same planet, and other humans in general. Like any creature living in the state of quasi permanent fear, they act collectively completely unpredictably irrational.

Being inundated by misleading stories, and informations about events reflecting the uncaring, helpless and irrational character of society makes it difficult to break the vicious cycle of wilful ignorance towards violence and general stupidity. The biggest mistake humanity made was the deviation from the principle of self-organisation, which works extremely fine in the rest of the universe, and beautifully on planet Earth as well.

The success some humans had in domesticating animals for their own use lead to domestication of a majority of the members of the human family. Besides being entirely unethical, in combination with the development of technology this created the dire situation the planet currently faces.

While reincarnation made its way into the cultural heritage of many human societies, it’s largely considered an irrelevant fact. The same can be said about life in other parts of universe – the probably of its existence is quite established, but humans prefer to consider any contact with it unlikely during their lifetime.

Yet putting this two things together – alien life and reincarnation – explains exactly how I and many other travellers through the universe arrived on Planet Earth.